We will never rule the world. 

But we might inspire it.

The Nordics is neither Norwegian fjords, the forests of Sweden, Danish design or Finnish culture. Being Nordic encompasses all of these and much more.

The Nordics is a collection of 27 million people across 8 countries tucked up in the northern hemisphere and it’s here the global gaze is cast when looking for innovation or inspiration in welfare, sustainability, gender equality, food and nutrition. The same place is located at the top of the international scale when measuring openness, trust, environment and even happiness.

Our aim is to create a unified brand for the nordics, a brand that shares its relevance with the world. Showing how Nordic thinking has helped many, showing how Nordic values can work across borders, cultures and generations.

Welcome to thenordics.com

To become Nordic, we just have to travel.

Most of the world doesn’t distinguish between the 8 Nordic countries, they see a group of countries characterized and inspired by common ideas and values.

In May 2016 President Obama invited government leaders from the Nordic countries to discuss global challenges and suggest Nordic solutions. When the Nordic countries stand together, they stand stronger making the Nordic region one of the most important in the world with something to offer.

Meet the Trace Explorer winners

During the past few months we have been actively searching for digitally aware creative thinkers to help us trace the Nordic stories that have inspired the world. We are very proud to present to you the 3 winners and future Trace Explorers who will be the first to help us find these Nordic stories that have spread around the globe.


Meet the winners

There are Traces
of North everywhere


We are only as good as your last idea.

We are currently running an open call for projects that can help position The Nordics and the effect we have in the world.

We are looking for projects that can demonstrate a Nordic idea and can reach out to a global audience. If you are interested, you can see more and read in detail what we are looking for here.


Open call for projects


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