The Nordics

The Nordics

Let’s show the Nordics in the world! #TracesofNorth


Why, who and how?

Our aim is to create a unified brand for The Nordics, a brand that shares its relevance with the world. Showing how Nordic thinking has inspired many.

The Nordics is a branding project for Aaland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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Traces of North

Traces are not about showing The Nordics to the world, they are about showing The Nordics in the world. The concept is simple. We are curating stories that embody our shared values. Traces of North can be large or small; they can be an idea, a movement, a feeling, or even a product, anything that has made its way from The Nordics into the world.

Have you heard of?

The Nordic value openness


In many Nordic countries both the mass media and the general public have access to everything from public records to everyone else’s tax-bills. But openness is also a state of mind, and in the Nordics, this translates to anything from open-mindedness to friendly social institutions.


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Need a Nordic look, feel or vibe to your ideas? We've created a Brand toolbox that can guide you in shaping your Nordic conversations. Easily collect images, films, facts and logos. The toolbox even guides you from A-to-Z when creating an event or a social media campaign.


We have created a series of films to help you tell the story of the Nordics. You can use these on...


We have created different versions of our logo, so that it can be used in different contexts across...


We have created a series of films to help you tell the story of the Nordics. You can use these on...


We have collected a series of templates to help you producing your materials. Everything from...