EAT. An edible solution.

EAT-gunhild stordalen

EAT. An edible solution.

The Nordics have traditions for innovative sustainability. In many regions, more than 50% of the electricity is already being produced by local, cutting edge innovations. If you want to find some of the world’s most ambitious goals about being 100% free of fossil fuels, you’ve also come to the right place.

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Elisabet Skylare / Photo: Scanpix

But energy consumption is just one issue that needs to be innovated if we want a clean world in the future. Food consumption is another. This is why Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen founded the EAT initiative in 2013. An initiative that wants to provide the worlds growing population with new ideas about producing and consuming food.

In 2017 EAT held its first forum in the most populous part of the world – The east pacific. It was initiated by the Indonesian ministry of health and took place in Jakarta.

Eat it

Our species need to face facts and stop ignoring the problems we have caused. We need to think of new solutions. This is the attitude behind the EAT initiative. The idea is that we can change things by changing our eating habits. We all know the general guidelines about consuming more greens and less meat, but EAT wants to go one step further. It’s not about the little changes anymore. What we need is a revolution based on science. What we need is real innovation, not just talk.

The EAT advisory board has brought together world-leading experts in public health, nutrition, animal rights, economics and environmental sustainability. Together they provide policy makers with evidence to inform decision making. But more importantly they spur innovation in agriculture and food processing and think up new business models that will make it easier for everyone to achieve these goals.

The EAT Stockholm Food Forum has become the leading global arena when it comes to discussions and actions towards a more sustainable world. And now it is time to branch out.

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