Trace explorers

and the winners are…

All of us at the are very proud to present to you all, the wonderful, winning Trace Explores Birgit, Joan, Søren and Sanjoo. Four trace explorers that will shortly be heading out into the world to curate and create Traces of North.

Located at: 072° 52.659'' E
Traced from: 018° 03.556'' E
The Nordics - India
Traced by: Sanjoo

Cardamom is far from being a local Nordic ingredient. Native to India, the spice is said to date back to the time of the Vikings, when they first encountered the spice in what is now Turkey...

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Located at: 120° 44' 24.4860'' W
Traced from: 10° 25' 18.8616'' E
The Nordics - Washington USA
Traced by: Birgit Rodveldt

We simply can’t wait to see what our Norwegian, 26-year-old, language student Birgit will discover when she lands in Washington USA.

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Located at: -83° 02.745'' W
Traced from: 012° 34.100'' E
The Nordics - USA
Traced by: Joan Rask & Søren Prehn Jensen

Joan and Søren are well versed in the written word, interactive storytelling and the use of social media to drive a story so we are sure that they will have many interesting posts as they trace across the USA in the footsteps of Grundtvig.

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